Chinese businesses are encouraged to consider the Philippines as their investment destination.  A lot of positive discussions have been made about strengthening Chinese investments in the Philippines considering the close bilateral ties between the Philippines and China.

The Philippines is an attractive location for production centers in Asia for many international companies because of the following factors:

1.    Stable open market economy;

2.    Skilled and well-educated human resources;

3.    Reliable infrastructure support;

4.    Strategic location in Asia;

5.    Hospitable and international standard lifestyle; and

6.    Attractive investment incentives.

At present, there are five focused sectors as investment opportunities in the Philippines for Chinese investors, these are:

1.    Motor vehicles;

2.    Mining;

3.    Bio-ethanol;

4.    Engineered products; and

5.    Business process outsourcing

Other investment opportunities include:

  • Housing and real estate development including tourism infrastructure; food processing; agribusiness; and energy.

The Philippines has substantial mineral resources consisting of various minerals, with an estimated total value of $840 billion.  Philippines mineral resources include copper, gold, silver, chromite, manganese, iron and other minerals.

The country aims to increase exports to China of food products, fresh fruits, marine products, minerals, automotive parts, and electronic components.